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ZimmerFish Year in Retrospect | Fish Stories
Dec 19, 2012 - strategic marketing    No Comments

ZimmerFish Year in Retrospect

In doing our end-of-year filing at ZimmerFish, we’ve had a chance to look back at 2012 and realize what a great and interesting year it was.

Carl Fish retired in spring and we all still miss his presence. But change happens in this life. With luck and an open mind it’s a catalyst for growth.

We have digital marketing strategy down! We’ve nailed tracking and reporting to provide the most accurate ROI available in the advertising realm. Learning the processes, and more importantly seeing the results, have been truly gratifying.

We were honored to co-present these strategies with Sparrow at the national SHSMD (Society of Healthcare Strategy and Market Development) conference in Philadelphia. After attending other sessions we became acutely aware of how far ahead of the curve we’ve gotten. All the research and diligence to understand this medium from the inside out, and develop key partnerships, have paid off.

In other areas we’ve been charged with going inside organizations to design programs from the bottom up for efficiency and effectiveness; evaluating Web presence, marketing materials, personnel procedures and systems. It’s more fun than a 3-D jigsaw puzzle, and to see things turn around as a result is satisfying beyond measure.

Long-term relationships allow us to watch our clients grow and evolve. Helping them achieve their goals is a bit like being a parent and we share the pride of accomplishment.

We feel blessed to have the kinds of clients who keep us at the cutting edge, challenge us, and allow us to work with them in new and ever-more intriguing ways. Having a long mutual history allows us to look out for them, look ahead, make the best-possible recommendations, and work as a team. Collaboration is exciting and makes us look forward to coming to work every day.

We so appreciate our clients! We love what we do and look forward to seeing what 2013 will bring.

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