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Mar 23, 2011 - strategic marketing    No Comments

Internet Advertising Terminology


The Internet is still a relatively young medium for advertising.  Like any medium, it comes with it’s own language.  In order to make good decisions and be able to compare apples to kumquats; to discuss your options with you, we all need to understand this language.
Today, and for several subsequent entries, let’s look at some key terms.  We’ll keep it short, so it sticks, and alphabetical, for easy reference later.
for use on the Web, and AD is generally a banner.  This is simply a graphic image (or set of images which are animated, called and animated GIF) of specific pixel dimensions.
A Web site has a slot in which ads are placed (AD SPACE).  Various ads take turns in that slot – are rotated in the space.  This is usually done automatically by the Web site software.
Also called IMPRESSION. One view is counted for each time an ad appears on display to a viewer.
Web sites often offer ad space for other Web sites (affiliates).  There is generally some tie-in of product or market. Amazon.com created the first large-scale affiliate program.
a graphic image that typically runs across a Web page or in a margin. Animated banner ads have been shown to attract a larger percentage of user clicks.
the number of available ad views on a Web site, that have already been sold out



Feb 8, 2011 - stories    No Comments

Google icon feels like ZimmerFish

Google icon feels like ZimmerFish

Google icon feels like ZimmerFish

Must say that the new Google Icon (a la Jules Verne) feels a like a good fit for ZimmerFish, too.  We have a wonderful salt water tank at the office for occasional zen moments.


Jan 25, 2011 - stories    No Comments

Learn Something New Every Day—Robotic Surgery

DaVInci Surgery

DaVInci Surgery

We enjoyed the opportunity to create a campaign for Sparrow pertaining to urological  and gynecological robotic surgery.  It was a real treat to be in the surgery room for the photo shoot of this state-of-the-art equipment.  Having recently done another project focusing on robotic surgery, it’s clear that this will be important for the future of surgery.  And, according to this article in Science Daily, it has tremendous benefits for patients.

One of the great benefits of being in this business is our constant exposure to the interesting and new.

Jan 23, 2011 - stories    No Comments

Go Fish—Matching Internet Ads to Landing Pages

Matching the message of your online ad to the message of the linked landing page is post-click marketing 101. While true for all internet media, its paramount for mobile.

Your landing page needs to directly address the reason your user came to you in the first place. It must be clear,concise, and to the point.

Engage users with choices (links to other pages), leading them down the path toward your desired location and action.