Marketing Takes Strategy


Fresh ideas seldom come from thin air. ZimmerFish applies a process for
developing original thinking for clients of all sizes, whether for advertising,
marketing and sales, or public relations efforts.
The process is engaging, and even fun.
We work with you on a Situation Analysis in which we gather as much
information as possible about the product or service, your firm’s positioning,
what the competition is up to, and how to speak the language of your
audience(s). Next, we prepare a Strategic Recommendation. This is an
outline of specific measurable goals and strategies to reach them. We also
prepare a Creative Brief, a one page recap of your goals, positioning,
objectives and most importantly the key message(s). This is the guidepost
used by the creative group to keep brainstorming on strategy. When we like
what we have, we prepare and share a Creative Justification – how our ideas
will engage strategies to meet the established goals.
Client Partner involvement and approval in each step of this process are
critical to the success of the campaign. Productive and efficient, this process
eliminates teeth-gnashing and hand-wringing. We have found it to work
very well, especially for clients with many stakeholders.
This process helps keep ZimmerFish easy to work with.