ZimmerFish Is...


We listen, we do our homework, we plan.
We don’t just look for any solution to your marketing issue. We find the solution.
By working in partnership with you to understand the problem and the market, we can meet the need.


We like a good laugh and cherish genuine relationships.
That’s why we enjoy working with each other, and why people enjoy working with us.
Planning and flawlessly executing our client’s marketing is serious business and often serious fun.


Look at marketing today and you’ll see a lot of the same tired ideas.
We don’t develop off-the-shelf solutions, because each marketing challenge is unique.
Only unique ideas can break through the clamor of messages thrown at us all every day. Like fish, ideas should be fresh.


Creating a carefully crafted message for a carefully targeted audience takes up-front planning, clear strategy, and very smart tactics.
All of which also makes the best use of client dollars. Using those dollars wisely is one of our own key strategies.


Among us, we have accumulated about 150 years of experience.
Being experienced has helped us work smarter, be more creative and strategic, and make us more
appreciate the fun of being grownups who are doing what we enjoy.


We partner with you to determine objectives, then develop a plan and schedule to reach those objectives.
Every day,doing everything on time and within budget is critical to us.
We understand that when you succeed, we succeed.