We’re honored by the feedback we get from clients. It’s great to hear that they recognize ZimmerFish meets deadlines, excels at marketing strategy, and that we’re available and easy to work with. These are the characteristics, as much as creativity, which lead to the long-term relationships we have with our clients.

“The team at ZimmerFish were knowledgeable, professional, creative, and responsive to our needs. With their expertise, we met and exceeded all our goals, collected outcome data that provided proofof the program’s effectiveness, and won national recognition! I have a great deal of trust and respect for ZimmerFish and highly recommend their services to anyone seeking success.”

Shawn Rottiers, Supervisor, Sparrow Health and Wellness

"Other agencies say, "We aren't set up that way." ZimmerFish says,"Let's figure it out."

Chris Petersburg, Sparrow IT

“One of ZimmerFish’s greatest strengths is project management. They provide a detailed estimate, track each tactic on a spreadsheet, and track the costs associated with each one of those tactics. It seems like simple stuff, but it’s amazing how many agencies fail to do something like that. They’ve helped us meet measurable goals with specific target outcomes.”

John Berg, Executive Director, Strategic Market Development, Sparrow Hospital


“ZimmerFish has come up with very, very creative ideas. They have never dropped a ball, never missed a timeline, They are on top of the details. They are completely reliable, the deliverables are always there, and you never have to worry when ZimmerFish is on a project.”

Beth Spyke, Director, Health and Wellness, Sparrow


“In marketing, everyone gets excited by the new sexy stuff, but does it really do anything? Are the clients getting any value from it? Is it helping your business communicate your message?

ZimmerFish helps you really decipher that.”

Kim Hafley, Marketing Director, Foster, Swift Collins


“Bigger is not always better. I was impressed with ZimmerFish’s strategic approach to our needs. Their creative process provided the strategic documentation often necessary. It also tied creative elements and strategies to measurable goals and evaluation techniques.”

Phil Milhoan
Foote Health System


“We’ve been working with ZimmerFish for 12 years. It’s been a great relationship. I enjoy working with a small company, and with the principals all the time. Carl is very good on the creative side and Carol is the drill sergeant, making sure it gets done.”

Jeff Crippen, Owner, Crippen Auto


“What I like best about working with ZimmerFish is their people. They are easy to work with. They do a great job of asking the right questions.

Their biggest asset is that they take the time to understand what our goals are and develop a creative brief before we even get into the details of marketing strategy or tools. I have personally requested to work with them on service lines.”

Patrick Brilliantes
Director, Weight Management, Sparrow


“ZimmerFish demonstrated a clear understanding of our needs. They developed messages based on research and strategies for both of our target groups.

When the campaign launched, feedback was immediate. We received hundreds of responses from all over the state and used those as leverage to recruit new agents. ZimmerFish then developed materials to bolster our recruiting efforts that tied directly to the campaign and reinforced our message.”

Rob Fowler, President and CEOSmall Business Association of Michigan


“ZimmerFish’s creation and execution of the Be their Hero form Age Zero campaign surpassed our expectations with a 15.2% recall in six short weeks. The Michigan Ready to Succeed Executive Council and Media Board have been impressed with ZimmerFish. Their ability to synthesize information from a variety of sources with various agendas, kept our projects on track and on strategy.”

Heath Meriwether, Co-chair Executive Council, Michigan Ready to Succeed Partnership