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Feelin’ Good Mileage Club
New website leads to significant increase in program participation.

ZimmerFish created an inviting and user-friendly website to increase participation in a regional school fitness program. The site simplified program management by creating easier access to registration and progress information, a tracking system for prize fulfillment, and regular eBlast communications with coordinators and families. The website also allowed Sparrow to establish connections with families of young children for future marketing efforts.

Results were stunning!

Year one: Goal of 10,000 registered students exceeded by over 11.6% to 11,165.
Year two: Registrations increased over year one by 30.7% to 14,593.
Surveys found an increase in overall family activity levels and high ratings for program satisfaction. Administrators experienced a huge drop in both parent
and coordinator management issues, saving them valuable time.

A follow-up direct mail campaign, urging families to log in and receive a Sparrow Action Pack fitness bag and Pediatric Center information, led to a greater than 10% response rate with 48% of those respondents requesting information about additional Sparrow services.